Norma Blancas

As Interviewed by Julian Anaya, March 19, 2018
"I don't think it's (sexism) really changed that much, the only difference is that women are getting better educated and are speaking out more...It's pretty much still the same."
Norma Blancas

Introductory Profile: About Norma Blancas

My interviewee's name is Norma Blancas and she is my grandma. She is latina and has a lot of knowledge about sexism and racism. she will be talking about sexism and women's rights in the mid-1900's. She grew up poor and lived with two brothers, her mom , and dad in El Paso, Texas. She knows the struggle of being a latina, being poor, experiencing sexism, beinng a mother of five, and watching how women's rights got better throughout the years. She experienced many sexist episodes that also involved her race.

She was honest and didn't let anyone discourage her, even through pretty bad times in the 60's. This story gives you a veiw of how womens rights evolved and took it's shape today. Even though it's still changing, It has gotten better since my grandma was younger.