As Interviewed by Julia C., March 13, 2018
"...When I was a kid there [was] not enough [food] and a lot of people around the country [did] not have enough food to eat."

Introductory Profile: About X.C.

X.C. is my father, who emigrated from China in the 1990s along with my mother to the US.

For the interview we covered what immigration felt like, how it went, background information about growing up in China and the economy during that time, and reflecting back upon the overall move. He was quite willing to talk about these experiences and was very thoughtful when answering my questions, and had many recollections and opinions to share. The atmosphere was relaxed and the content was quite interesting to hear about, and it made me think more about how moving somewhere else is quite the change, especially if you are immigrating into another country. I am grateful to him for being able to hear about these experiences firsthand, and for being very polite about the whole interview.

For the podcast I picked a segment in which my interviewee describes what the Chinese economy was like during that time, since the interview focused on the conditions of growing up in China and how this influenced moving to the US. X.C. describes the effects of the poor economy and how it impacted daily life.