Dani Levy

As Interviewed by Gabbi Levy, March 15, 2018
"The government... definitely should be trying to do something more than they are right now."
Dani Levy

Introductory Profile: About Dani Levy

I interviewed my sister, Dani Levy. Born in the year 2000, she’s tall, brown-haired, and well-spoken, and she was willing to help me by answering my questions.

The topic I interviewed her about was homelessness. She volunteered in Nashville back in the summer of 2017. She talked about her volunteer work, and how she worked in a soup kitchen, helped a man move out of his house, and handed out bottles of water and food to those struggling on the streets.

I would say that the overall tone was pretty serious, save for a few light-hearted moments. At times it would get a bit awkward when I would look through my notes for a good question to ask, but the conversation would be easily picked back up with her thoughtful and insightful responses.