James Horton

As Interviewed by E.A.S., March 1, 2018
"I think the world today, or at least out country today, is a little bit more accepting of people with different backgrounds. "
James Horton

Introductory Profile: About James H.

I interviewed James Horton. He is a close family friend. Mr. Horton was born in Texarkana, Texas, and now he lives in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. He came to Austin to attend the University of Texas. There he studied government and received his teaching certificate. He has worked in the education field for 24 years. In the past 24 years he has had many years as a teacher, vice principal, principal and central office administrator. He started as a teacher and is now a deputy superintendent, second-in-charge of a north Texas school district.

In this interview, Mr. Horton talks about the times he was discriminated against. We talked about the LGBT community and how it has affected him. He has had many hard times, but he is hopeful that gay couples will be treated the same by everyone in the future.