Charles Gregg

As Interviewed by Evan Henderson, March 4, 2018
" do very well when everybody else is doing very well..."
Charles Gregg

Introductory Profile: About Charles Gregg

My interview is my grandfather, Charles Gregg. He was born on June 29, 1950 in Hawarden, Iowa. My Grandpa went to Iowa State University to earn his bachelor's degree of science in agricultural business. He is a farmer and he is the fourth generation on his farm. Charles lives in Hawarden, Iowa.

Some of the topics in this interview include the economics of farming and the 1980 farm crisis. It is interesting to hear about these topics from my grandpa because he was a farmer.

The overall tone is fairly casual, I called my grandpa over the phone but I did learn some personal stories which helped me understand him more.

Some concluding points when I first started talking with my grandfather were, when I asked him a question he just gave me the straight answer but as we continued he warmed up to it and dove into in-depth stories.