Jose Ramirez Jr.

As Interviewed by Quintyn Zoghby, March 14, 2018
"They said, 'If you stay here for 4 years, we’ll promote you to sergeant,' and I told ‘em you can shelve it. You had plenty of time to make me.'"
Jose Ramirez Jr.

Introductory Profile: About Jose Ramirez Jr.

My interviewee was my great grandfather, Jose J. Ramirez Jr. After Hiroshima, he was drafted to help pick up. He spent a year training in Oklahoma, then went to Japan. He met some Japanese Mexicans, and tried to help them as best as he could, even to the point that he stole medicine from the army. While he helped his friends, he was a victim of discrimination. All but one of his superiors wouldn’t look at him. All his co-workers got promoted while he and the other Mexican Americans didn’t.

Today, he is a tall, white haired, 90 year old Mexican American, who is kind and very open about his political views, but isn’t fond of being old. He has amazing stories to tell. After the war, he became a farmer, and eventually became a rancher as time went on. He tells amazing stories, and mentions an unsung hero of WWII.