Antonio Mena

As Interviewed By Larry Migl, March 18, 2018
"Life gives you certain things and you just got to accept them. There's no use of having regrets or anything like that because, you cannot change the past."
Antonio Mena

Introductory Profile: Antonia Mena

My Interviewee’s name is Antonio Salvador Mena ll. The person who I am interviewing is my mother’s dad/my Grandpa. He is 69 years old. He has light skin and has a patchy beard. He is slightly balding in the center and has gray hairs. His eyes are a light brown. When talking to most of the kids (including me) he jokes around. With adults he is more serious. He is from a Hispanic heritage.

The topic that was covered in the interview was what had happened for him in the Vietnam war. It also shows his feeling of what had went on. The overall tone and aspect of this interview is serious and thoughtful. Welo (my grandpa) gives direct clearance into what he says.

Overall this interview is good storyteller that can be used for real life examples.