Robin Wilson

As interviewed by Chloe Draper, March 20, 3018
"So we were down and they were trying to find us and we had gone into a corner of the Bermuda Triangle Cause when we went through a corner part of the triangle and we lost all our sonar, we lost our navigational equipment was all going haywire until we came out of the Triangle and then everything came back up. "
Robin Wilson

Introductory Profile: About Robin Wilson

In this interview I interviewed my grandpa Robin Wilson. He graduated high school when he was 17 and went into the Navy a year later when he was 18. He was in the Navy for 3 and a half years. He loved his time there and has many interesting stories about it. He is currently 63 years old and is 61. He has a bushy gray mustache and loves to joke around with his family.

Robin Wilson explained two stories about his time in the Navy. He loved talking about the time he went to the North Pole and when he went to the Bermuda Triangle and he is also happy that i chose him to tell you about his time.