Vitaly Zavadsky

As Interviewed by Alexander Zavadsky, March 18, 2018
"Being Jew in Russia is not something I could wish on anybody in the world."
Vitaly Zavadsky

Introductory Profile: About Vitaly Zavadsky

Vitaly Zavadsky is my paternal grandfather. Both his parents were Jewish. He lived in Russia with his son and his Russian wife before immigrating to America. He received a Master's degree in Physics and worked all of his life as an engineer. Vitaly is very tall and has a strong Russian accent. He has a very large vocabulary in both English and Russian. He has a good sense of humor and is very interesting to talk to.

In my interview with Vitaly, there were two main topics. Immigration to America and Anti-Semitism in Russia. However, in my edited podcast, I chose to focus on anti-Semitism in Russia. He talked about how he has been treated unfairly and the different types of anti-Semitism. Although the interview is very serious, it is also lighthearted a few times when Vitaly laughs or says something funny.