David Schunck

As Interviewed by Charlotte Grim, March 9th, 2019
"I suffered injuries to my right hand and to the right side of my head. I was lying on my belly, behind a rock... when a shell of some kind exploded in front of me."
David Schunck

Introductory Profile: About David Schunck

I interviewed David Schunck, my maternal grandfather. He was in the 101st Airborne in the Vietnam War when he was 21. My grandpa endured many things while he was there, including battles, cold, hunger and thirst. He served for about a year before suffering injuries to his face and hands and getting a medical leave. He has since made a living in Texas, where he owns a small bookstore.

In my interview we go over his job and his experiences in the war. We go over the food, the conditions, and the injury that led to him finally going home after a very long year on the fronts. The overall tone is serious, but with some light parts here and there. It was a very difficult time, and so it should be portrayed as such. It was a very successful interview, and i learned a lot, not only about David Schunck, but about the Vietnam war as well. Iím sure there was more to his time in Vietnam, but he was not ready to share everything. I am very glad that he is the person that I decided to interview.