Montserrat Garibay

As Interviewed by Daniel S., April 2013
"About eight years ago, my sister and I started an organization for undocumented students and for people who wanted to support the Dream Act here in the University of Texas."
Montserrat Garibay

Introductory Profile: About Montserrat Garibay

For my Firsthand History project I interviewed Montserrat Garibay, a young Hispanic woman that came to the U.S. at a young age. She was an elementary school teacher before, and she recently became the vice president of the Texas State Teachers Association.

I interviewed Ms. Garibay not only because she was discriminated against for being of a different race, but she also advocates for passing the Dream Act, the law that lets illegal immigrants have an opportunity to stay in America to complete their education and to contribute to their economy.

The interview went well. Ms. Garibay was straight-forward and proud of all of her accomplishments, but she was also heartfelt with the treatment she received at a young age as well as her sister.