Nayeli Aviles

As Interviewed by Andrew Anderson
"Well some, some people are fair. Some people will say ... 'Oh, I'll pay her less ... ' But it's all kinds of people, fair and unfair."
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Xiushan Feng

As Interviewed by Ashley F
"They feel like Chinese immigrants occupy the city of Vancouver. They feel a threat."
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Cindy Grossman

As interviewed by Megan McIntosh
"That’s something that I have become much more aware of is just how deficient our asylum laws are and how it really needs to be improved..."
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Guowei Lu

As interviewed by Gloria Meng
"There’s not lots of food, not lots of money, and during that time I think it’s working harder in the school is the only road for us to improve our life."
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Nishi Rane

As Interviewed by Hannah Van Houten
"I feel like legal immigration shouldn't be so complicated."
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John Allen McLaughlin II

As Interviewed by Ethan McLaughlin
"Color of their skin should never have anything to do about what a person really is. "
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Pallavi Shah

As interviewed by Arsh Shah
"I was lucky enough to get the Visa."
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Mira Belik

As interviewed by Josie Long
"We knew we would never be back home again."
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Nilesh Sangani

As Interviewed by Vedant Sangani
"First time I started comparing how we had things done in US and how things have been done in India, it was radically different."
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Pooja Sethi

As interviewed by Adi Pangal
"When I went to go see her in the detention center, she was separated from her brother."
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Dr. Toan Leung

As interviewed by Anika Patel
"I still remember the local people had big swords, knifes and guns. This is an escape. If you get caught they'll put you in jail. "
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Fernando H.

As Interviewed by Alondra A.
"Este pais se creo de inmigrantes."
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Vanessa Calixto

Interviewed by Emily C.
"Damn one small paper makes a big difference."
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As Interviewed by Elizabeth D.
"Although I imagined that life here was easier, I realized that it wasn't like I had imagined."
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Leslie Brown*

As Interviewed by Sasha Konradi
"I think that people that speak two different languages and know two different cultures understand other people better."
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Francisca Alvarez

As Interviewed by Alexis Ramirez
"After I failed to cross the border twice I thought to myself third time's a charm!"
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Juanita F. Smith

As Interviewed by Niko Ortiz
"No one should make them feel like they are less just because they're not able to speak English correctly, because English is their second language."
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Raquel Del-Rio Morales

As Interviwed by Robinson Manuel
"I had to learn to face change with my family by myself since I am a widow, but my family was always there and we were always there for each other."
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Maria Esperanza Bonilla

As Interviewed by Eavan Bonilla
"Those were some of the scariest and most beautiful memories... "
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Natalie Tenorio

As interviewed by Clayton Laney
"It’s also safer here than it is in Honduras, for her specifically, because there’s a lot of gang violence in Honduras and a lot of people who commit crimes and for my dad I think certainly it's the same as well. I Think there’s a lot of violence in the city of mexico and a lot of kidnapping, especially now with all the drug cartel stuff that is occurring, and with all the political unrest that there is between the U.S. and Mexico. I think that it is better for them to be here."
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Scott Lee

As Interviewed by Isaac R.
"People see me and they think that I am a Chinese tourist getting off one of those giant buses from China, not thinking that I'm an American or that I speak English, or that I grew up here."
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Angelos Panagopoulos

As Interviewed by Will Basham
"Most immigrants expect to succeed, but to do that, they have to work harder, they have to work longer, and they have to work smarter, and if they do that, they do succeed. If they don't do that, they don't succeed."
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Madhu Nerlikar

As Interviewed by Trajan Schuneman
"When I graduated and got my master’s degree, there was a recession, in seventy-two, seventy-three, there was a major economic recession, and even local Americans were having trouble finding jobs."
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Anuradha Naimpally

As interviewed by Rahi Deo
"And so I came home I told my mom, ‘I want to learn how to do that, I want to learn how to dance like that.’"
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Jossy Soyemi

As Interviewed by Nifemi Soyemi
"I don't feel intimidated by anybody. What color, who you are or what your social background is, I don't really … I don't really look at that as something that will dimish who I am."
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Gunay Sepehri

As Interviewed by Lanie Sepehri
"I think if you are going to live in United States, and if you get citizenship, it’s better."
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Javier D.

As Interviewed by Oscar A.
"They tell you that you are not going to be able do it, that something can happen to you, or an accident, but they were always afraid that something would happen to me."
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Enrique Hazel

As interviewed by Adrian Popps
"We would have guests come over and we would say you can’t come out."
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Tri Huynh

As Interviewed by T.H.
"If you die in the ocean, they have to bury you in the ocean. That's the rule, y'know?"
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Karla Haney

As Interviewed by Anya Ruttala
"I didn’t expect that I was going to become this person I am today."
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As Interviewed by Yahania M.
"I believe I am capable of doing any job as long as I try my best."
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Guadalupe Jimenez

As Interviewed by E.S.
"If our city would have been safe and if it would have been a good place to live in, we wouldn't have immigrated here."
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Hernan Jaramillo

As Interviewed by Andrea Jaramillo
"I chilled with other brown kids because I was brown, too."
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The K. Family

As Interviewed by Nour Zoweil
"They came up to her and they were like, 'You have to take your hijab off or you go back home and you do not go outside anymore.' And then we never went out again with her and my mom."
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Irma Castanon

As Interviewed by Juan Castanon
"I want to be able to give back to and maybe join a non-profit organization to help other immigrants like me at the beginning and the most important thing is to see my children achieve their dreams."
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Leti Bueno

As Interviewed By Isaac Guzman
"Buy the chocolate bar that's fair trade, it's not hard to do you know I mean? You are going to eat chocolate anyway might as well eat something that's good for the world. "
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Parvizi Parvizi

As Interviewed by Selin Y.
"The told me 'You dumb-dumb -- Have your wife make a call.'"
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Qijun Gu

As Interviewed by David Gu
"Getting a job, I’m guessing that was the most challenging part in America."
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Ilan Levin

As Interviewed by Cassidy Levin
"Everyone I knew was aware that it was wrong to have a system of government, like the haves and the have nots were based on the color of your skin."
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