Carol C. Walker

Interviewed by Addie Walker
"When the massacre happened, the people were told, officially, from the highest up in their government, that this was an attempt to overthrow the government."
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Dane Daniel

As Interviewed by Zachary Kosub
"Everything was segregated."
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Mac Arthur Carter

As Interviewed by Taylor
"We heard a gunshot and a light coming out of his back yard. He was shooting at us."
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Yvonne Davis

As Interviewed by Eliza Cain
"If you really care about something, the only person you can trust to change it is yourself."
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Martha J Clark

As Interviewed by Mason Clark
"I remember hearing the blacks sing “We Shall Overcome,” and I remember thinking, it’s about time."
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Ethan Williams

As Interviewed by E.C.
"There may be a difference in color, but there is no difference in the human spirit."
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Betsy Greenberg

As Interviewd by Anna Odell
"There was a big effort to include all of the students."
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Kellie Bailey

As Interviewed by Claire C.
"I have no intention of doing anything less than a 100% job."
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James Edward Smith

As Interviewed by Janae B.
"We’re gonna have to make some changes because separate but equal just ain’t gonna work."
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Matthew Caldwell

As Interviewed by Meija Caldwell
"I had to sit in an area for quote, "colored only." That's when I realized that things hadn't changed very much..."
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Danita Nelson

As Interviewed by Alice Kemp
"Why does my child have to ride the bus past a school that could serve her needs, just to get to the one in town? And it was because of race. That’s why it was done in the first place."
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Phillip Farrington

Phillip Woolley
"You see, there never was segregation in Mexico as far as black and white was concerned, however there was segregation as far as poor and wealthy."
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Ivory Tate

As Interviewed by Hunter Bagby
"I like to think that I am a part of making sure people are aware of what their rights are and... a part of making sure that the kinds of things I experienced when I was younger in the ‘70s and ‘80s aren’t a part of the time that we are living in today."
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Robert Riley

As Interviewed by Isaac Metcalf
"It was a sort of spiritual victory just to be accepted into their cause, and to help earn them rights they should have had before."
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Marvin B. Levy

As Interviewed by Jesse Levy-Rubinett
"It had a very deep impact on me and made me angrier and more determined to do whatever I could to work for and support the civil rights movement."
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Rebecca Herrera

As Interviewed by Rachael Ellisor
"If you're determined and you want to do something, you can do it."
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Jacq Bachman

As Interviewed by Ryan C.
"I’m giving an older lady a seat -- my seat -- as I was taught to do."
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Mary Ann M.

As Interviewed by J.W.
"Side by side, they [whites and blacks] integrated for the freedom of our country…"
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Joe K. Longley

As Interviewed by Jonah Smith
"The schools that I went to only white kids could attend them… I had a lot of Hispanic friends as well as African-American friends."
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Ola Davis Brown

As Interviewed by Anwen Pope
"...they had to give you respect because it was the law, plus you earned it. "
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Kit Seay

As Interviewed by Lucas Ogden
"I have always believed that people are created equally…"
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Patricia Robertson

As Interviewed by Gil Johnson
"If I had lived in the North, I might have had a different experience."
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Richard Bernard Farrer

As Interviewed by Dylan Johns
"Apartheid is a source of shame for many, many South Africans, and it was a source of shame for me as well."
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Susan Maddox

As Interviewed by Samuel Beckett
"I knew exactly what I thought, and there wasn’t anything that could have unconvinced me."
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Mildred and James Jones

As Interviewed by Briana Brown
"When I was growing up, I never had a white friend or knew any white people."
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Susie Sansom Piper

As Interviewed by Jack Dobson
"I taught in Rockdale for 41 years."
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Frieda Borth

As Interviewed by Interviewed by I.C.
"That’s just the way it was. "
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Cherrie Hovis

As Interviewed by Julian Clubb
"I went to a segregated school when I was younger, we didn’t have any blacks in the town."
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Adaeze (Nne) Ezekoye

As Interviewed by Ify Ezekoye
"Igbos have been stigmatized and marginalized. The big social injustice is that to this day, Igbo people are not properly characterized -- only as troublemakers, based off of ethnicity."
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Lauren Stevenson Yacina

As Interviewed by Nick Schatz
"That meanness has such a big impact that has lasted my whole life."
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Thomas Schatz

As Interviewed by Noah Schatz
"The Vietnam War caused tremendous tension at home, within families, within communities, far, far more than you can imagine or that is going on now in the current unfortunate military enterprise."
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Wilfredo Martinez Lopez

As Interviewed by Gabriel H.
"Turn the other cheek."
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Raul G. Liendo

As Interviewed by Katherine J.
"I would always question that."
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Richard Wagner

As Interviewed by Chico Wagner
"You could hurt a man more by taking his girlfriend away from him than by shooting him or hitting him with a bat."
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Neelima Mangabuttula

As Interviewed by Sweta Ganta
"There is no distance, or situation too great between best friends."
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John Attig

As Interviewed by Anthony Clemens
"I know a black man who was almost lynched when he was 12."
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Ellen L.

As Interviewed by A.B.
"They were just totally unprepared..."
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Juan Gonzales

As Interviewed by Chris B.
"I think that it’s imperative for young people to discuss the past so that they can make the future a whole lot brighter."
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Ira Iscoe

As Interviewed by Adam Iscoe
"Being white didn’t mean that you were safe against prejudices and stuff."
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George Davis Bittner

As Interviewed by Jack
"My view on segregation didn’t really change over the years. I spoke out for integration rather loudly..."
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Dr. Barbara L. Hart

As Interviewed by Gabe Hart
"I think we tend to look at what has been the result and not look at what is the cause."
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Catherine van Zanten

As Interviewed by John DiCarlo
"(My parents) didn't think of (blacks) as equal, they were very nice to them, (but) didn't think of them as equal."
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Chris Black

As Interviewed by Andrew Sauer
"The American Way in history might not always be the right way."
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Irene Smith

As Interviewed by Ethan W.
""Everybody just kind of thought the same way. I moved in a white environment.""
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Judith Rader

As Interviewed by Alex Stewart
"I didn't believe in treating anybody mean, I just didn't really want them in my circle of friends."
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Joe C. Thompson

As Interviewed by Christina Beck
"Everyone was equal (in Chicago). It was a whole different world."
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Sandi L. Etheredge

As Interviewed by Emily Etheredge
"I have a problem with people preaching one thing then practicing another"
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Vera Young

As Interviewed by Frisco Koelling
"Her stories had a large part in shaping my ideals today. "
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Aurora Flores-Wolsky

As Interviewed by Jennifer Torrs
"Treat people how you wish to be treated."
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Cheryl Curtis

As Interviewed by Philippa Keosheyan
"That was the time of the sit-ins, the freedom rides. In the south there were places where you could not stop to eat or use the restroom. It was the college students that took up that battle and became the voice of a movement to bring about equality."
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Sandy Bell

As Interviewed By I.S.
"But I identified with the injustice of relating to people, hating people, disliking people, being suspicious of people, because they were a different race."
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Irma Heinrich

As Interviewed by Alexia Heinrich
"It is humiliating and frustrating when you are not treated with respect."
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Donna Crockett

As Interviewed by Max Villarreal
"I never knew if they really were ever going to shoot us."
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Jennifer Jones

As Interviewed by Morgan Smith
"He was very shy, but he said, ‘It’s gonna be okay; it’s okay.’"
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Mary Teeters

As Interviewed by Connor Presley
"My parents had strong values that it was wrong to treat people differently because of their skin color."
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Gloria Garcia

As Interviewed by Daniel Valadez
"Free is the best way to be."
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Charles W. Pace

As Interviewed by Carter Pace
"I felt like everybody had an equal education but I didn't take any action to stop or continue this segregation."
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Guillermo Lopez

As Interviewed by Luis Lopez
"I was one of the lucky ones, I got zoned to a white school."
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Catherine T. Cocco

As Interviewed by J. Cocco
"I can’t say that anyone’s affected my view of any other person’s race. Technically speaking; I can’t say that anyone’s really tried, either."
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James K. Russell

As Intervieved by Nicole Russell
"The teachers painted a picture that the world was an integrated place without racism."
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Nelson Thomas

As Interviewed by Sebastian Morquecho
"My grandfather was in a regiment in the Army called the Buffalo Soldiers, made up of an all-black Calvary that fought in the war but were segregated."
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Steve McDaniel

As Interviewed by Ciara McDaniel
"I have been terrorized by Hispanics and I have been terrorized by whites. If you want to stereotype and generalize, you can say both are equally good at being very bad."
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Linward Shivers

As Interview by Travis Shivers
"It’s getting a little bit better, but it’s slow."
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George H. Freitag

As Interviewed by Ariana Freitag
"The good 'ole days are here and now."
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Shao Lan Feng Chen

As Interviewed by Alvin Hong
"Very few people hated segregation but kept it to themselves because if their secret was found out, then the word will spread and friends will betray them and people will hate them."
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John Bush

As Interviewed by Michael Barre
"Take a look at this, you’re about to witness someone’s rights get violated right in front of your face on a public institution. "
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Bill Meacham

As Interviewed by James DuBose
"It was a moral thing."
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Shirley Wheeler

As Interviewed by Hannah Oxford
"It made no since to me. If the good Lord says we're all his, I think it’s right that all his should be equal, treated equal. "
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Patsy Edmiston

As Interviewed by Chloe Edmiston
"I felt the color of someone's skin should not make them any different."
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Matthew Rinaldi

As Interviewed by Ezra Hankin
"I've been back to Kaziesco three times now, and I've really been impressed by how much has changed."
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Lu Young

As Interviewed by Haley H.
"I think Martin Luther King's dream came true in your class today."
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Bonnie Jean Blacklock

As Interviewed by Nicholas Blacklock
"I have lived through a time where blacks had separate water fountains, separate bathrooms,and I have witnessed a complete turn around of that."
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Gloria Moreno

As Interviewed by Clara Bishop
"If you feel good about yourself, and you feel confident, then you can accomplish a lot."
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Jennifer D. Soldano

As Interviewed by Isaree P.
"Eighty percent of the children in India are abused in some way, which is astronomical."
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Maggie Rivas-Rodriguez

As Interviewed by Megan Blackburn
"You can't tell the story of America during World War II if you don't tell the story of Hispanics."
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Ora Houston

As Interviewed by Hank Comer
"That was the first time that I thought 'Okay, something's wrong.'"
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Mark C. Rogers

As Interviewed by Teo Rogers
"Friend's parents would look at an album cover, where there was a band that combined white English people, black English people and a white American drummer, and they would say, 'There's not a white man among them.'"
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Arnolds Pencis

As Interviewed by Emily P.
"Prejudices are taught; you are not born with prejudices. "
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David Duncan

As Interviewed by Sam Rogers
"I was just rocked to the core. I was a great admirer of Martin Luther King, Jr."
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Phillip O'Keefe Periman

As Interviewed by Josie W.
"As long as I can remember, there was a Christian mandate to love every human regardless of race or geography."
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Maureen Lepree

As Interviewed by Keirnan Green
"I think they got what they wanted. I hope they still want more. I guess we all do."
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Stephanie Normand

As Interviewed by Lizzie Eller
"Afghanistan is a place, nothing like America, that will change your views of life."
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W. Charles Akins

As Interviewed by Nina Newman
"A good education and the right mindset is the key to a successful life, filled with opportunity."
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G. de la Garza

Interviewed by Sophia Amstutz
"I do look back on my own experiences so that I can be more comforting to someone who is experiencing racism directly. "
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