Xiushan Feng

As Interviewed by Ashley F
"They feel like Chinese immigrants occupy the city of Vancouver. They feel a threat."
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Sandy Wicken

As interviewed by Brandon W.
"It was a young, blond, white woman who ... was nicer to the kids who didn't look really Hispanic."
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John Allen McLaughlin II

As Interviewed by Ethan McLaughlin
"Color of their skin should never have anything to do about what a person really is. "
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Esteban Armenta

As interviewed by Hector Armenta
"It can be very easy for these people in higher power to say something that becomes offensive based on what you look like."
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Robert Earl Cole Sr.

As Interviewed by Robby Cole
"I would really like to see us really improve the education because to me that would give more people the chance to learn more and they could give back more to society and make this country just that much better, that's that my opinion to keep these people unedu- not uneducated just not as educated as they could be it jus-just holds us back it keeps us from our full potential as a nation. "
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Michael Biggs

As Interviewed by Ryder Ericsson
"He started that for no other reason whatsoever other that the fact that he thought that the kid was a Mexican. "
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Zulfikar E.

As Interviewed by Norah H.
"Color does not have anything to do with if someone is going to be violent or is a criminal or is a nice person. People are people; if you treat them fairly, you'll be quite okay."
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Carol Burns

As Interviewed by Mateo J.
"He took me by the arm. We got off the bus and we walked the rest of the way home."
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Kathleen Lee

As Interviewed by Anna Cecil
"I spoke with an accent and my clothes were the sort of clothes that my mum had to find us from Burma to keep us warm in England. There were faded dresses, and shoes that were far too big, all of those things was a combination so that I started to get bullied in school."
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John Johnston

As Interviewed by Gavin Firestone
"By the time I was in middle school, it was pretty clear to me that some people didn’t have the opportunities other people had."
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Moses Avila

As Interviewed by Aliana guerra
"I believe we are all the same no matter skin tone."
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Leslie Brown*

As Interviewed by Sasha Konradi
"I think that people that speak two different languages and know two different cultures understand other people better."
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Susan Lee*

As Interviewed by W.G.
"Affordable government run universities allocate proportionally high number of seats toward native Malays, this making non Malays extremely difficult to be admitted to those universities."
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Lisa Thompson

As Interviewed by Femi Makinde
"I remember going to rallies on campus and watching and listening to students and local organizers talking about the issues, we would chant and do marches on campus."
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Juanita F. Smith

As Interviewed by Niko Ortiz
"No one should make them feel like they are less just because they're not able to speak English correctly, because English is their second language."
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Prudence Mackintosh

As Interviewed by Owen Mackintosh
"Do you know the phrase 'born on third base'? Well if you were born on third base you don’t have to go very far to get home, isn’t that right? What if you were born on first base? You’ve got farther to go, don’t you."
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Adam and Jessica Santos

As Interviewed by Graeme M.
"That they get attention because of their race, not necessarily because of achievement or intellect, or anything that they caused, it’s just the fact they’re a darker shade of brown than their classmates. He didn’t want us to learn Spanish for that reason or you might get bullied like he was."
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Susan Whyne

As Interviewed By Walter R
"New York, certainly we were not integrated let’s be fair, but it wasn't the south it wasn’t by law that we do these things."
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Morgan Craven

As Interviewed by Nolan C.
"But, yes it was very awful and i get why people have really intense emotional reactions when it comes to this thing, particulary when theyre in a school and it happens or it happens to their children or someone that their close to or someone that they know. So I understand from personal experience how awful it really is."
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Scott Lee

As Interviewed by Isaac R.
"People see me and they think that I am a Chinese tourist getting off one of those giant buses from China, not thinking that I'm an American or that I speak English, or that I grew up here."
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Ruby Bline

As interviewed by Julian Felix
"At that time, you grew all kinds of vegetables in the garden because you couldn't afford groceries."
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Jossy Soyemi

As Interviewed by Nifemi Soyemi
"I don't feel intimidated by anybody. What color, who you are or what your social background is, I don't really … I don't really look at that as something that will dimish who I am."
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Margaret Van De Graaf

As Interviewed by Chloe Van De Graaf
"And they had the hats, the pointed hats."
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Gemma Heaslip

As Interviewed by Evelyn Constant
"My siblings - we never said ‘they’re blacks’ or ‘we can’t do this or that’ -- it was such a different world back then."
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Mary E. Paxton

As interviewed by Wendy Geng
""I was just shocked out of my mind about the housing for the people that were living there.""
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Emiliana Lapina

As interviewed by Marcus Lapina
"They justified these acts as ways to maintain peace and order. Truth is, many people were terrified of them. "
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Robert Dupree

As Interviewed by Aubrey Howe
"So I was going through training with black soldiers. And a lot of the officers and sergeants and so forth were also black. All I know was they were really good. I was kind of impressed. That was my opinion about it. They were fellow soldiers; we were on the same team."
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As Interviewed by Maya Kini
"I realized I was not welcomed at a place that was supposed to be my safe haven. Where hopes and dreams are supposed to be cultivated. Instead I was looked at as if I was an intruder; as if I was something less than human."
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Elbert Johnson

As Interviewed by Niaya Johnson
"All people need go where they qualify or want to go. I think that education should be free. Period. To hear that people kill innocent kids, was uncalled for."
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Norma Rodriguez

As Interviewed by Mario Bellavia
"We were told that we could not go into the pool... We were only allowed to go on Thursdays... Of course Thursdays was the day that the water was the dirtiest."
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Don Grant

As interviewed by Liesl Geiger
"There’s a term in the Bible where God refers to what we do as dead works, as doing things good for people, but then God says, ‘There’s no one good.’ So when you do things without the correct motivation, there’s the implication that it’s void. As I said, whatever good is happening in our country or in the world is still being inspired by God...regardless of what one’s background is."
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La'Toya Swan

As Interviewed by Colleen Hoffman
"There are some times where you have to fight more than others."
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Hernan Jaramillo

As Interviewed by Andrea Jaramillo
"I chilled with other brown kids because I was brown, too."
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Jordan Press

As Interviewed by Milla Press
"They told me to bite the curb and that they were going to curb stop me, which is kicking the back of my head."
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Juanita Flores Smith

As Interviewed by Mateo Rives
"You feel discriminated and completely out of place when your culture or your language is not welcomed."
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Sue McElligott

As Interviewed by Sofia Castano
"We advanced, and what was surprising to the nation was that this coach, Don Haskins, didn’t recruit people on the basis of their skin color, but of their ability, and his leading team was all African-American."
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As Interviewed by L.A. Jones
"Some people see black people as intimidating."
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Doretha McDonald

As interviewed by C.M.
"And after the football game, if you wanted to get something to eat, you had to go to the back door."
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Parvizi Parvizi

As Interviewed by Selin Y.
"The told me 'You dumb-dumb -- Have your wife make a call.'"
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Desmond Bynum

As interviewed by Jay Schlett
"When I think about the discrimination that I’ve experienced as an adult more so has been systemic. A lot of even just being younger a lot of the systemic racism and discrimination that I’ve experienced looking back it’s overwhelming."
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Bill Clarke

As Interviewed by Matthew Novak
"We were very fortunate at that time that we had a store manager by the name of Bill Hackney who understood the consequences and what was happening"
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Ilan Levin

As Interviewed by Cassidy Levin
"Everyone I knew was aware that it was wrong to have a system of government, like the haves and the have nots were based on the color of your skin."
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Lorena G.

As Interviewed by Curtis Lear
"Even though the Civil Rights Movement was a while ago, we still need to keep progressing."
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Joan N.

As Interviewed by Brian M.
"It was shocking, but not too shocking..."
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