Nayeli Aviles

As Interviewed by Andrew Anderson
"Well some, some people are fair. Some people will say ... 'Oh, I'll pay her less ... ' But it's all kinds of people, fair and unfair."
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Sabrina De Veylder-Pahwa

As Interviewed by Iago A.
"Everybody who is aware of it and who has experienced something, or maybe who has somebody who went through something like that, speak up, and take action."
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About Sean Hassan

As Interviewed by Aliza Chauthani
"They don't just have to worry about what they're doing in class, they also have to worry about their lives outside of class."
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Mary Adams*

As Interviewed by David C
"I am not real sure, there was a lot of government assistance back in the 50’s so my mother and dad rented a house before he died and it was fifty dollars a month and we lived there and it was crowded because like I said I came from a large family but ... you know, we survived."
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James Harvey Lederer

As Interviewed by Kat Duende
"It's a job that you don't leave at the office."
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Hamilton Dawes

As Interviewed by Georgia Eckel
"Everyone has a voice. Your voice in this country needs to be heard."
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Xiushan Feng

As Interviewed by Ashley F
"They feel like Chinese immigrants occupy the city of Vancouver. They feel a threat."
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Cathy Stone

As Interviewed by O. Greene
"There are a lot of systematic issues in our society that play a large role in the numbers of who is homeless."
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Kathryn Matthews

As Interviewed by Violet L.
"There's tons of wonderful science and really hard working smart scientists that are giving us the information that we need, that's not our biggest problem. I think our biggest problem is generating the political will that is necessary to make some hard and difficult decisions..."
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Dr. Guner

As Interviewed by Peter Gregory
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Jean Cleary

As Interviewed by Samantha M.
"And one I can mention is that a provision in the administrative manual allowed my employer to terminate my employment if I became pregnant."
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Tanya Tussing

As Interviewed by Lucia O.
"We just have a big disagreement on how to do it. I think it's a good faith disagreement. I don't think it's, one sides mean and one sides nice. Or one sides smart and one sides dumb, I think both sides have people that have looked at it and come to different conclusions. They just believe different things."
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Amy Ponder

As Interviewed by Lincoln Ponder
"So Families Count is a parenting class that fulfills the parenting class requirement that the parents have to go through. "
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Alan Graham

As Interviewed by Sylvia R
"We understand homelessness. And we believe that the single greatest cause to homelessness is a profound, catastrophic loss of family."
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Roberta Cogswell

As Interviewed by Elliott Sorensen
"Anybody who wanted to serve their country would sign up!"
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As Interviewed by Veda Surada
"Many farmers committed suicide because they have taken loans that they could not repay."
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Nishi Rane

As Interviewed by Hannah Van Houten
"I feel like legal immigration shouldn't be so complicated."
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Sandy Wicken

As interviewed by Brandon W.
"It was a young, blond, white woman who ... was nicer to the kids who didn't look really Hispanic."
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John Allen McLaughlin II

As Interviewed by Ethan McLaughlin
"Color of their skin should never have anything to do about what a person really is. "
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Esteban Armenta

As interviewed by Hector Armenta
"It can be very easy for these people in higher power to say something that becomes offensive based on what you look like."
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Christopher Cole Adams

As Interviewed by Holly Adams
"My experience in the military was the hardest and worst thing I've ever done but, it's an experience I wouldn't trade it for anything because it made me the man I am today."
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Toni wakefield

As Interviewed by Alex Antone
"I do not believe you can help who you love."
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David Crabb

As Interviewed by Carys B
"If you put her in a room with 10 people, and like nine of them were white and straight, and one of them was black and gay, she would want to talk to the other person."
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Andrea Brauer

As Interviewed by Nina Brauer
"I think there’s far too much gun violence in this country, and I think guns are way too accessible for the average person, and there’s not enough screening to ensure that guns are only in people’s hands that are trained or background checked."
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Sonia Cedillos

As Interviewed by Amy Cedillos
"The most important priority is human lives because material things can be recovered but human lives can not."
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Robert Earl Cole Sr.

As Interviewed by Robby Cole
"I would really like to see us really improve the education because to me that would give more people the chance to learn more and they could give back more to society and make this country just that much better, that's that my opinion to keep these people unedu- not uneducated just not as educated as they could be it jus-just holds us back it keeps us from our full potential as a nation. "
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Brant Pelphrey

As Interviewed by Nathaniel Enis
"We had nine refugees living there. They were there turned out that one of those nine was a spy."
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Michael Biggs

As Interviewed by Ryder Ericsson
"He started that for no other reason whatsoever other that the fact that he thought that the kid was a Mexican. "
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Mrs. Twinkle Gosselink

As Interviewed By Sophie Gershon
"The Salvation Army offers a hand to many homeless people who are otherwise invisible. I don’t know of another organization in Austin that focuses on those who are too often otherwise forgotten. "
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Zulfikar E.

As Interviewed by Norah H.
"Color does not have anything to do with if someone is going to be violent or is a criminal or is a nice person. People are people; if you treat them fairly, you'll be quite okay."
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Carol Burns

As Interviewed by Mateo J.
"He took me by the arm. We got off the bus and we walked the rest of the way home."
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Rachel Grabel

As Interviewed by Nell Kaminski
"We think he came from a home where he was abused, and he had a lot of separation anxiety so it was hard to leave him at home alone. But just getting him into a house, it was amazing how much he grew."
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Kristen Aing

As Interviewed by Jordan K.
"I think that there are some stereotypes about any group that are slightly true. It's not something that you should just 100% take at face."
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Juan Gutierrez

As Interviewed by J.A
"We're going to work, we're not going to a party."
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Fernando H.

As Interviewed by Alondra A.
"Este pais se creo de inmigrantes."
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Allison Orr

As Interviewed by Eli Appl
"I was sitting in the school cafeteria and I looked up and I saw a man washing windows. I thought it was the most beautiful movement I had seen all semester."
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Suki S.

As Interviewed by Lili B.
"People who are more educated have better health outcomes they have fewer mental problems you know they just have access to a better life."
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Vanessa Calixto

Interviewed by Emily C.
"Damn one small paper makes a big difference."
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Kathleen Lee

As Interviewed by Anna Cecil
"I spoke with an accent and my clothes were the sort of clothes that my mum had to find us from Burma to keep us warm in England. There were faded dresses, and shoes that were far too big, all of those things was a combination so that I started to get bullied in school."
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As Interviewed by Elizabeth D.
"Although I imagined that life here was easier, I realized that it wasn't like I had imagined."
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John Johnston

As Interviewed by Gavin Firestone
"By the time I was in middle school, it was pretty clear to me that some people didn’t have the opportunities other people had."
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Moses Avila

As Interviewed by Aliana guerra
"I believe we are all the same no matter skin tone."
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Leslie Brown*

As Interviewed by Sasha Konradi
"I think that people that speak two different languages and know two different cultures understand other people better."
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Susan Lee*

As Interviewed by W.G.
"Affordable government run universities allocate proportionally high number of seats toward native Malays, this making non Malays extremely difficult to be admitted to those universities."
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Betty Steuer

As Interviewed by Milo Kevorkian
"That’s when they started dealing with that, and that’s when Public Law 94 - 142 came in. That said everybody has the right to a public education."
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Mary Anne Longenecker

As Interviewed by Vance Mader
"It was important, because it's part of their culture."
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Lisa Thompson

As Interviewed by Femi Makinde
"I remember going to rallies on campus and watching and listening to students and local organizers talking about the issues, we would chant and do marches on campus."
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Charlotte Duty

As Interviewed by Chris M
"And when I got there I was like, 'Hey. There’s not any - there are not any women here at all, just very few.'"
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Christina S.

As Interviewed by Dennis Montoya
"Any direction where we’re helping people as a unity, and as a whole, is the right direction."
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Kathleen McAlvany

As Interviewed by Diya Patel
"Your circumstances shouldn't hold you back. We can decide every morning what kind of day we're gonna have."
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Francisca Alvarez

As Interviewed by Alexis Ramirez
"After I failed to cross the border twice I thought to myself third time's a charm!"
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Maria Alarcon

As Interviewed by Joanna S.
"Well, I've seen in my past schools that the people who have more money or the people who look better are the ones who get treated with respect."
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Don Sunukjian

As Interviewed by Joseph Sunukjian
"The country had been abandoned by the Soviet Union, and was very poor."
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Juanita F. Smith

As Interviewed by Niko Ortiz
"No one should make them feel like they are less just because they're not able to speak English correctly, because English is their second language."
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Prudence Mackintosh

As Interviewed by Owen Mackintosh
"Do you know the phrase 'born on third base'? Well if you were born on third base you don’t have to go very far to get home, isn’t that right? What if you were born on first base? You’ve got farther to go, don’t you."
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Adam and Jessica Santos

As Interviewed by Graeme M.
"That they get attention because of their race, not necessarily because of achievement or intellect, or anything that they caused, it’s just the fact they’re a darker shade of brown than their classmates. He didn’t want us to learn Spanish for that reason or you might get bullied like he was."
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Raquel Del-Rio Morales

As Interviwed by Robinson Manuel
"I had to learn to face change with my family by myself since I am a widow, but my family was always there and we were always there for each other."
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Susan Whyne

As Interviewed By Walter R
"New York, certainly we were not integrated let’s be fair, but it wasn't the south it wasn’t by law that we do these things."
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Khurshid Anwar Arfi

As Interviewed by Ayan Arfi
"I learned from experience that you should not keep quiet and ignore such things, they should be condemned alright, but to counter it in a perfecting manner, it was an effective measure to discourage hate."
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Maria Esperanza Bonilla

As Interviewed by Eavan Bonilla
"Those were some of the scariest and most beautiful memories... "
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Jackie Gaylord

As Interviewed by Jace Castleberry
"I had a black supervisor who told me that 'you're the only other one, the only other person other than me, who understands what prejudice is.'"
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Morgan Craven

As Interviewed by Nolan C.
"But, yes it was very awful and i get why people have really intense emotional reactions when it comes to this thing, particulary when theyre in a school and it happens or it happens to their children or someone that their close to or someone that they know. So I understand from personal experience how awful it really is."
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Erin Martinson

As Interviewed By Caroline Crosnoe
"I'm motivated by the injustices that I see in our society, the patriarchal undertones of our society and how women often don't have a voice."
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Linda Kelly

As Interviewed by Mary Hendrix
"So I’m very aware that most of the people I work with are at least ten, if not thirty years younger than I am, ...but I just try to confirm to them that old dogs can learn new tricks."
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Natalie Tenorio

As interviewed by Clayton Laney
"It’s also safer here than it is in Honduras, for her specifically, because there’s a lot of gang violence in Honduras and a lot of people who commit crimes and for my dad I think certainly it's the same as well. I Think there’s a lot of violence in the city of mexico and a lot of kidnapping, especially now with all the drug cartel stuff that is occurring, and with all the political unrest that there is between the U.S. and Mexico. I think that it is better for them to be here."
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Dan Levine

As Interviewed by Marianna P
"Think about your own experience living in the house you live in. You always know that you’re going to be able to come home to the same house every night. Stability, for adults and kids. Just to have a safe place that they know is home."
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Scott Lee

As Interviewed by Isaac R.
"People see me and they think that I am a Chinese tourist getting off one of those giant buses from China, not thinking that I'm an American or that I speak English, or that I grew up here."
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Diana Stanfield

As Interviewed by Carlisle Sloan
"Teaching the little ones for me is my joy and my life. It's just, i don't know it suits your soul. It's what you're meant to do. Its like and artist. You just gotta do it."
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Linda Clarke

As Interviewed by Isabella Trejo
"I was doing more, as far as pressure goes. I was outperforming them, but they would get more money because they were male"
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Aurora Flores-Wolsky

As Interviewed by Varun Varshney
"My mom always taught me that having an education was the one thing that was going to get me out of the poverty that I was born into."
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Edward Wells

As Interviewed as O.W.
"I played sports almost all the way through high school but you know we played together on a team and as a team race didn't matter..."
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Sam Pagel

As Interviewed by Bryceton West
"Young people are going to save money to buy things like cars and houses and things like that, but set aside some money for your healthcare as well."
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Miraci Hipolito da Costa e Silva

As Interviewed by Betina Yama
"It’s hard to believe but for the glory of God, people see me in a way as if I don’t have a wheelchair, and that I help people."
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Corinne Sumpter

As Interviewed by Franny Thompson
"They decided to step in and make decisions for women like 'you must leave your husband, boyfriend, whatever.'"
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Jossy Soyemi

As Interviewed by Nifemi Soyemi
"I don't feel intimidated by anybody. What color, who you are or what your social background is, I don't really … I don't really look at that as something that will dimish who I am."
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Carol Dancey

As Interviewed by Nikki M.
"I’m doing it, trying to live life wrong, and this isn’t me."
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Jerry Martinez

As Interviewed by Zoe Pena
"I appeal to women, I appeal to men, I appeal to the gay community, I love the gay community, I love the drag queens. "
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Karla Haney

As Interviewed by Anya Ruttala
"I didn’t expect that I was going to become this person I am today."
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Brajesh Singh

As Interviewed by Aryan Singh
"I wanted to buy things but we didn't have the money."
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Irma Castanon

As Interviewed by Juan Castanon
"I want to be able to give back to and maybe join a non-profit organization to help other immigrants like me at the beginning and the most important thing is to see my children achieve their dreams."
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Leti Bueno

As Interviewed By Isaac Guzman
"Buy the chocolate bar that's fair trade, it's not hard to do you know I mean? You are going to eat chocolate anyway might as well eat something that's good for the world. "
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Joan N.

As Interviewed by Brian M.
"It was shocking, but not too shocking..."
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