About Sean Hassan

As Interviewed by Aliza Chauthani
"They don't just have to worry about what they're doing in class, they also have to worry about their lives outside of class."
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Xiushan Feng

As Interviewed by Ashley F
"They feel like Chinese immigrants occupy the city of Vancouver. They feel a threat."
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Jean Cleary

As Interviewed by Samantha M.
"And one I can mention is that a provision in the administrative manual allowed my employer to terminate my employment if I became pregnant."
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Jim Li

As Interviewed Tracy Li
"Instead of going out and eating, we would have to go outside and pick leaves to eat."
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Mrs. Judy Duncan

As Interviewed by Campbell Duncan
"I'm seeing that young man's face right now, he was able to read and write a basic letter to his wife, and he was so proud. "
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Andrea Brauer

As Interviewed by Nina Brauer
"I think there’s far too much gun violence in this country, and I think guns are way too accessible for the average person, and there’s not enough screening to ensure that guns are only in people’s hands that are trained or background checked."
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Robert Earl Cole Sr.

As Interviewed by Robby Cole
"I would really like to see us really improve the education because to me that would give more people the chance to learn more and they could give back more to society and make this country just that much better, that's that my opinion to keep these people unedu- not uneducated just not as educated as they could be it jus-just holds us back it keeps us from our full potential as a nation. "
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Zulfikar E.

As Interviewed by Norah H.
"Color does not have anything to do with if someone is going to be violent or is a criminal or is a nice person. People are people; if you treat them fairly, you'll be quite okay."
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Raj Chhajed

As Interviewed by Advika Sharma
"People would say, 'They are just girls, what would they do with an education?'"
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Allison Orr

As Interviewed by Eli Appl
"I was sitting in the school cafeteria and I looked up and I saw a man washing windows. I thought it was the most beautiful movement I had seen all semester."
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Suki S.

As Interviewed by Lili B.
"People who are more educated have better health outcomes they have fewer mental problems you know they just have access to a better life."
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Leslie Brown*

As Interviewed by Sasha Konradi
"I think that people that speak two different languages and know two different cultures understand other people better."
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Betty Steuer

As Interviewed by Milo Kevorkian
"That’s when they started dealing with that, and that’s when Public Law 94 - 142 came in. That said everybody has the right to a public education."
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Mary Anne Longenecker

As Interviewed by Vance Mader
"It was important, because it's part of their culture."
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Charlotte Duty

As Interviewed by Chris M
"And when I got there I was like, 'Hey. There’s not any - there are not any women here at all, just very few.'"
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Maria Alarcon

As Interviewed by Joanna S.
"Well, I've seen in my past schools that the people who have more money or the people who look better are the ones who get treated with respect."
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Adam and Jessica Santos

As Interviewed by Graeme M.
"That they get attention because of their race, not necessarily because of achievement or intellect, or anything that they caused, it’s just the fact they’re a darker shade of brown than their classmates. He didn’t want us to learn Spanish for that reason or you might get bullied like he was."
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Morgan Craven

As Interviewed by Nolan C.
"But, yes it was very awful and i get why people have really intense emotional reactions when it comes to this thing, particulary when theyre in a school and it happens or it happens to their children or someone that their close to or someone that they know. So I understand from personal experience how awful it really is."
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Diana Stanfield

As Interviewed by Carlisle Sloan
"Teaching the little ones for me is my joy and my life. It's just, i don't know it suits your soul. It's what you're meant to do. Its like and artist. You just gotta do it."
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Aurora Flores-Wolsky

As Interviewed by Varun Varshney
"My mom always taught me that having an education was the one thing that was going to get me out of the poverty that I was born into."
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Michael Stevens

As Interviewed by Baffour A
"Jazz is important to me because it allows each person and musician to express themselves as their authentic self."
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Tabor C.

As Interviewed by Marshall Clifton
"Around the nation, a lot of other people had the idea that kindness could have changed a lot."
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Madhu Nerlikar

As Interviewed by Trajan Schuneman
"When I graduated and got my master’s degree, there was a recession, in seventy-two, seventy-three, there was a major economic recession, and even local Americans were having trouble finding jobs."
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Anuradha Naimpally

As interviewed by Rahi Deo
"And so I came home I told my mom, ‘I want to learn how to do that, I want to learn how to dance like that.’"
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Jossy Soyemi

As Interviewed by Nifemi Soyemi
"I don't feel intimidated by anybody. What color, who you are or what your social background is, I don't really … I don't really look at that as something that will dimish who I am."
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Ting Liu

Alex Zhou
""Over the years there has been so much hatred.""
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Mrs. Thangam Minakshi

As Interviewed by Vedanth Ramanathan
"I treated all students equally, regardless of their background and culture. It was a natural thinking in me."
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Elbert Johnson

As Interviewed by Niaya Johnson
"All people need go where they qualify or want to go. I think that education should be free. Period. To hear that people kill innocent kids, was uncalled for."
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Jacquie Benstante

As Interviewed by Daniel Balic
"There are some people that don’t realize that people with autism can talk and can be very intelligent. There are just a lot of misconceptions about Autism."
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Lisa Moore

As Interviewed by Sullivan B.
"I felt like it would have a real chilling effect on debate in the classroom if students had to worry that somebody was armed. So along with several of my colleagues, I founded an organization called Gun Free UT, and we have done a lot of different things to try to oppose that law."
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Michele Fenton

As Interviewed By Jack F.
"Texas ranks forty-third out of fifty states in the funding of our schools. So it's definitely time to make a change."
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Carolyn McKaskle

As interviewed by Sloane McKaskle
"Honestly, it feels like we're always doing assessments"
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Laura Van Slyke

As Interviewed by Madeleine Van Slyke
"Just the fact that our foster care system is still -- 13 years later since I was directly working with it on a regular basis -- it’s still not appropriately funded [is a social injustice]."
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Lorena G.

As Interviewed by Curtis Lear
"Even though the Civil Rights Movement was a while ago, we still need to keep progressing."
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