Cara Crouch

As Interviewed by A.L.
"People are increasingly bad at being able to accept something that’s not exactly what they want, and that’s an incredibly powerful thing."
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Anahita Jalilvand

As Interviewed By Saffron Liu
"I think now, because there’s more women entering into this medical field, a lot of women are now having to deal with things like the fact that . . .they’re treated differently."
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Lieutenant Susan M. Poppendieck US Army

As interviewed by Katelyn Durkop
"We had approximately fifty patients in the gym where we worked and when I looked around I realized I was the only one there that had all four limbs, that was a very, very sobering situation."
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Theodore Held

As interviewed by Isaac Held
"As I mentioned, the hospital didn’t have electricity or running water, and most of the windows had been destroyed by the wind, and the rooms have all been flooded, so they were covered with mud and muck and debris""
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Zoe Jones

As interviewed by Tiffany Pham
"It hit me on a personal level that I could've known somebody who was immediately affected by 9/11."
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Cindy Grossman

As interviewed by Megan McIntosh
"That’s something that I have become much more aware of is just how deficient our asylum laws are and how it really needs to be improved..."
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Guowei Lu

As interviewed by Gloria Meng
"There’s not lots of food, not lots of money, and during that time I think it’s working harder in the school is the only road for us to improve our life."
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Emily M. and Kaitlyn M.

As interviewed by Lindsey M.
"...I was like, this is every little girl's dream, to be a princess and live in a castle..."
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Jennifer Foucher

as interviewed by Caroline Foucher
"It was very, very rural. It was in the hills, sort of the foothills of mountains. When I arrived, it was January and there was a ton of snow on the ground. It was freezing cold."
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Dale Bordman Fink

As Interviewed by Kaleb Aziz
"By the way, my first salary - $87.50 per week for a 35 hour full time week. Seven hours a day, five days a week. $87.50 before taxes. Of course, there were taxes taken out of that. After 90 days, I knew that I would go up to 100 dollars a week, which was $5200 a year."
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Mishko Teodorovich

As Interviewed by Andrew Teodorovich
"It's important to say that this was not a consent by all NATO member countries."
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Harold "Bud" Allison

As interviewed by Sage Allison
"You didn't set your schedule, the battle set your schedule."
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Jackie Ramsey

As interviewed by Millie Ramsey
"For the first 18 years of my life, we only spent eight of those birthdays together. Jackie Ramsey"
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Lansford Trapp

As interviewed by Robin Little
"So, I looked out, my wing was on fire...but I lost control of the airplane."
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Pallavi Shah

As interviewed by Arsh Shah
"I was lucky enough to get the Visa."
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Jim Li

As Interviewed Tracy Li
"Instead of going out and eating, we would have to go outside and pick leaves to eat."
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Jeff Knight

As Interviewed by Harrison Knight
"I would have the thoughts, then I would push the thoughts away."
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Manuj Kapur

As Interviewed by Saachi Agrawal
"I think it has helped me realize what an impact we can make as human beings in the lives of people, and when you operate on someone, and they walk out the door of the room, being able to now see the things they couldn’t see, it really impacts their life."
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Mira Belik

As interviewed by Josie Long
"We knew we would never be back home again."
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Wanda Muehlbrad

As Interviewed by Maida Acker
"I think most rewarding is that we, maybe someway, gave them their first security."
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Kaye Larson

As interviewed by Mia Larson
"I had never had a uniform in my life, whereas boys had uniforms from the beginning."
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Elizabeth Mary Regan

by Eleanor Barrett
"And after you finish talking to this sixteen-year-old, you think ‘oh my god, she’s running this family’."
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Nilesh Sangani

As Interviewed by Vedant Sangani
"First time I started comparing how we had things done in US and how things have been done in India, it was radically different."
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Pooja Sethi

As interviewed by Adi Pangal
"When I went to go see her in the detention center, she was separated from her brother."
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Kristiana Mulligan

As Interviewed by Ian Irving
"Later in the afternoon, my dad showed us about half a kilometer away from our house a bomb had actually dropped, but it was on an empty field and there was just a huge crater in the ground."
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Dr. Toan Leung

As interviewed by Anika Patel
"I still remember the local people had big swords, knifes and guns. This is an escape. If you get caught they'll put you in jail. "
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James Crowley

As interviewed by Seth crowley
"All of the sudden the lanterns went out and the people on the boats started shooting at us."
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Ralph J. Yargo

As Interviewed by Finnegan Alexander
"A sapper came in and shot one of my roommates, there were four of us there, injured another... So yeah, it was intense, of course it was intense."
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Mrs. Judy Duncan

As Interviewed by Campbell Duncan
"I'm seeing that young man's face right now, he was able to read and write a basic letter to his wife, and he was so proud. "
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Rosalie Johnson

Interviewed by Auvry Johnson
"I remember that it was hard for us to get food, because you had to get a book and you had to have a stamp because everything was rationed."
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Brian O'Neil

As interviewed by Evan O'Neil
"It's one thing to see it on television but it is quite another thing to see it in person."
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Jaydon Putnam

As interviewed by Asha Rountree
""When I first came out, I lost all my friends, and kind of was shunned during seventh grade." "
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Craig Durr

As interviewed by Amelia Durr
"All the sudden all those sirens became very focused in my mind, I could hear them all. "
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Raj Chhajed

As Interviewed by Advika Sharma
"People would say, 'They are just girls, what would they do with an education?'"
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Alka Tripathi

As Interviewed by Tarushi Tripathi
"This feeling of betrayal was among every Indian heart."
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Young, pregnant and alone

As interviewed by Isabella Munoz
"" The only thing that was running in mind is that i have to tell my parents they're going to be dissapointed" - Leslie Weaver"
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Ruby Bline

As interviewed by Julian Felix
"At that time, you grew all kinds of vegetables in the garden because you couldn't afford groceries."
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Dr. Shari Stern

As interviewed by Lyssa Lashus
"From your perspective it seems like gender equality, like a switch: was not there and then it was. But actually it was a real slow process with a lot of different people."
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Enrique Hazel

As interviewed by Adrian Popps
"We would have guests come over and we would say you can’t come out."
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Roshan Strong

As interviewed by Chloe Rizk
"That was a really strange time to be in there it was strange to feel like you wanted to help the invaders because they were asking for bread and water."
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Sharon James

As interviewed by Kai Suggs
"Then he told me at one point that he had access to my personnel files, and he could go to HR and you know, mess with them. And then finally he said sooner or later you are going to have to sleep with me, and at that point I started looking for a new job."
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Mrs. Thangam Minakshi

As Interviewed by Vedanth Ramanathan
"I treated all students equally, regardless of their background and culture. It was a natural thinking in me."
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Emiliana Lapina

As interviewed by Marcus Lapina
"They justified these acts as ways to maintain peace and order. Truth is, many people were terrified of them. "
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Tri Huynh

As Interviewed by T.H.
"If you die in the ocean, they have to bury you in the ocean. That's the rule, y'know?"
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Elbert Johnson

As Interviewed by Niaya Johnson
"All people need go where they qualify or want to go. I think that education should be free. Period. To hear that people kill innocent kids, was uncalled for."
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Hector Hernandez

as interviewed by Hector Hernandez
"it was a beautiful, it was a very cool time to be alive"
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