Hamilton Dawes

As Interviewed by Georgia Eckel
"Everyone has a voice. Your voice in this country needs to be heard."
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Lieutenant Susan M. Poppendieck US Army

As interviewed by Katelyn Durkop
"We had approximately fifty patients in the gym where we worked and when I looked around I realized I was the only one there that had all four limbs, that was a very, very sobering situation."
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Harold "Bud" Allison

As interviewed by Sage Allison
"You didn't set your schedule, the battle set your schedule."
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Jackie Ramsey

As interviewed by Millie Ramsey
"For the first 18 years of my life, we only spent eight of those birthdays together. Jackie Ramsey"
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Lansford Trapp

As interviewed by Robin Little
"So, I looked out, my wing was on fire...but I lost control of the airplane."
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James Crowley

As interviewed by Seth crowley
"All of the sudden the lanterns went out and the people on the boats started shooting at us."
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Ralph J. Yargo

As Interviewed by Finnegan Alexander
"A sapper came in and shot one of my roommates, there were four of us there, injured another... So yeah, it was intense, of course it was intense."
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Mrs. Judy Duncan

As Interviewed by Campbell Duncan
"I'm seeing that young man's face right now, he was able to read and write a basic letter to his wife, and he was so proud. "
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Christopher Cole Adams

As Interviewed by Holly Adams
"My experience in the military was the hardest and worst thing I've ever done but, it's an experience I wouldn't trade it for anything because it made me the man I am today."
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Moses Avila

As Interviewed by Aliana guerra
"I believe we are all the same no matter skin tone."
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Joel Hanna

As Interviewed by Carla F. M.
"My father is from Iraq so I felt like of all people -- being American and having a father from there -- I should be involved in some way."
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George W. Pearson

As Interviewed by Naomi P.
"In East Germany the people walking by [were] kind of keeping an eye on you knowing you were from the West -- but they couldn’t talk to you."
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Robert Dupree

As Interviewed by Aubrey Howe
"So I was going through training with black soldiers. And a lot of the officers and sergeants and so forth were also black. All I know was they were really good. I was kind of impressed. That was my opinion about it. They were fellow soldiers; we were on the same team."
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Duke R. Bischoff

As Interviewed by Anthony Carlos
"Upon arriving in Vietnam, it kinda caught up like with everyone else. We couldn't believe what was happening over there."
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Mike Martindale

As Interviewed by Evan Lidiak
"The Air Force said that if you join the Air Force, which basically is what I did, you typically had a choice of what you wanted to go into."
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John C.

As Interviewed by Basmalah S.
"There's nothing like being shot off an aircraft carrier."
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John Emerson

As Interviewed by Andrew Brotherton
"If we could have done it over again, then we wouldn't have done it."
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Ron Dorsey

As Interviewed by Samya Chauhan
"I was pro-war until I saw how it was conducted. Then I saw that it was not pro-soldier."
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Malrieta Clauson

As Interviewed by Miles Richardson
"I had to make coffee for the crew, and the crew would come in and say I was taking up their shore duty billets, meaning that I was taking up their shore duty time."
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James R. Pointer

As Interviewed by Jack Wilkerson
"The area right across the street from our compound was an ammunition dump. And during the Tet Offensive, sappers had gotten into this compound and set pallets of ammunition off. "
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Jed Chute

As Interviewed by Matthew Manangkalangi
"I would say you kinda broaden yourself as an individual by learning how other people live, and that was what the Navy really taught me."
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Matias B.

As Interviewed by Katie T
"I think my experience in the military was something that I would've never been able to experience in civilian life, so I give it a 10. It's interesting, it's fun, and it's very, very informative and you can train for whatever you want."
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