Don Sunukjian

As Interviewed by Joseph Sunukjian, March 2019
"The country had been abandoned by the Soviet Union, and was very poor."
Don Sunukjian

Introductory Profile: About Don Sunukjian

Don Sunukjian is my grandfather. He is a nice gentle person, tall but not to tall, strong but also soft. He has a very deep voice, which he uses quite a lot. Don is a pastor who travels around the world, preaching sermons to different groups. He was born in California, and lived there for a little while. His father had been taken there as a child, after the Armenian Genocide; a brutal attempt from the Turkish to exterminate all Armenians.

My grandfather had been going to church with his family for a while, but had never considered it as a career. He lived in an area with a lot of other Armenian families. The Armenians had there own church, but they never went there. He started college taking Physics, but then decided that he liked the idea of being a pastor, so he switched to Theology.

Don has pursued that dream ever since, traveling around the globe to bring the word of god to all the children who don’t have the chance to go to church. He also teaches at Biola University, helping others become a pastor, just like him.