Juanita F. Smith

As Interviewed by Niko Ortiz, March 28, 2019
"No one should make them feel like they are less just because they're not able to speak English correctly, because English is their second language."
Juanita F. Smith

Introductory Profile: About Juanita F. Smith

I met Juanita F. Smith in 7th grade when she was my Spanish teacher. When I was assigned this project, we were learning about Civil Rights and Juanita Smith brought up that she had firsthand experience with segregation and racism. In my opinion, Juanita Smith is very kind, smart, thoughtful, peaceful, and optimistic. She says that her experience in an uneducated neighborhood has made her want to teach. Her current occupation is teaching.

Juanita Smith mainly talked about how language and religion are a big part of a person and how she feels about people not being allowed to express themselves through those.

I believe that the interview went well. At first, we both were a little sensitive and reluctant about the topic but after the first few minutes, we got into the flow and she really opened up about some very sensitive things. She also stated what she thinks the world should be like and how we can make it that way.