Carol Burns

As Interviewed by Mateo J., March 20, 2019
"He took me by the arm. We got off the bus and we walked the rest of the way home."
Carol Burns

Introductory Profile: About Carol Burns

My interviewee was of my Great-Grandma. In the past (the 1940’s era) she was a young child and she had witnessed an incident of enforcing the laws at the time. The story had to do with the laws of bus segregation in Lincoln, Nebraska where she grew up and how that affected her scope on segregation. She was a middle class white girl who was around the age of 7 at the time and she stated that she did not really understand the unfairness that was going on around her.

The topic of this interview is the way buses were segregated pre- Civil Rights Movement and what black people had to do (or in this case all people) when they disobeyed the segregation laws. The whole segregation aspect of laws in America is very unfair and the way they express these rules are also very brutal towards the people affected by the laws.

In the interview I was at my Grandma’s house and she had already been there for an hour or so, so the mood wasn’t very tense. The interview went well overall and I feel like she really told me how she felt about this incident at the time and how she feels now, so I think that I got more than just a story but the mood of how they felt in this moment of time.