Kathleen Lee

As Interviewed by Anna Cecil, March 24, 2019
"I spoke with an accent and my clothes were the sort of clothes that my mum had to find us from Burma to keep us warm in England. There were faded dresses, and shoes that were far too big, all of those things was a combination so that I started to get bullied in school."
Kathleen Lee

Introductory Profile: About Kathleen Lee

I interviewed Kathleen Lee on how she was bullied because of her culture during her childhood. She is my grandmother, and when this project was assigned my mom told me that her mother was bullied in her school in the UK after she moved there from Burma (Myanmar). My grandmother is a very kind person, who always has stories to tell about her experiences.

Kathleen Lee talked about how she was different from the other kids around her, how her clothes were different, the way she talked, and other physical characteristics that made her stand out. I interviewed Kathleen over the phone because she lives in Switzerland. Our conversation very relaxed, possibly because we have known each other for all 13 years of my life. My grandmother has a very relaxed personality, and the interview flowed very easily. My grandmother has many stories to tell, and I was very lucky to be able to hear them.