Xiushan Feng

As Interviewed by Ashley F, March 21, 2019
"They feel like Chinese immigrants occupy the city of Vancouver. They feel a threat."
Xiushan Feng

Introductory Profile: About Xiushan Feng

Xiushan Feng, who often goes by his more easily pronounceable English name Shaun, is an immigrant from China. Despite being born in a small and poor village in Harbin, China, after years of hard working and studying, he was able to attend UBC in Canada to finish his P.H.D in computer science. Now, he lives in Austin, Texas, working at Samsung as a Senior Engineering Manager. He is a loving and easygoing father to both me and my younger brother, Edwin, and always finds time for family. He is also funny, often joking around with Edwin, and helps me with science and geometry homework even after a long day of work.

Instead of attributing his success to the “Asians are smart” stereotypes, he believes that working hard and doing your best in everything life gives you is what makes you “successful”, not your race. As someone who grew up poor but now works for a large tech company, he is living proof that good things will come when you preserve and strive to be the best person that you can be.

In this interview, Shaun talks about his experiences in immigration and how America has allowed him to meet a diverse and broad range of people, compared to the all Asian neighborhoods and schools in China. He also provides his perspectives on Asian stereotypes and why any generalizations about a race, whether “positive” or negative, are harmful. At first I worried the interview would be awkward, but as the questions starting rolling out it started to feel natural and like any other conversation we had before, but in English.