Robert Earl Cole Sr.

As Interviewed by Robby Cole, March 26, 2019
"I would really like to see us really improve the education because to me that would give more people the chance to learn more and they could give back more to society and make this country just that much better, that's that my opinion to keep these people unedu- not uneducated just not as educated as they could be it jus-just holds us back it keeps us from our full potential as a nation. "
Robert Earl Cole Sr.

Introductory Profile: About Robert Cole Sr.

I interviewed Robert Cole Sr, My grandfather. My Grandpa is 69 years old meaning he was born in 1950. The start of the civil right movement. This means that he was ten years old towards the end of what we call the civil rights movement. He was a great person to interview especially because of his location growing up. Robert Cole grew up in Beaumont, a city near Port Arthur in the southeast part of texas.

He was seven when the Brown vs Board of Education law was introduced. But The first example of the law being introduced for him was in 1968. I knew that because of the time and place he grew up my grandpa would be a perfect person to interview. He is currently on a cruise so sadly i couldn't interview him in person, instead I recorded a phone call. Overall the interview went well, based off of previous stories from him i think he was trying not to say anything “too bad” because it was for school. In the end I got some really good input and great stories.