Zulfikar E.

As Interviewed by Norah H., April 1, 2019
"Color does not have anything to do with if someone is going to be violent or is a criminal or is a nice person. People are people; if you treat them fairly, you'll be quite okay."
Zulfikar E.

Introductory Profile: About Zulfikar E.

The person I interviewed was my grandfather, Zulfikar Esmail. My grandfather started out in Kenya. While he was growing up, Britain ruled Kenya. This meant that there were many Caucasian people in Africa at the time, which meant segregated schools. My grandfather has a darker skin tone, so he went to the school for people of color. This school was most definitely not as good as the school for people who are not of color. My grandfather was on the track team, and he recalls when he would go to track meets and how the school for Caucasians would have much better equipment. When my grandpa was in his teens, Britain released its hold on Kenya, and schools were desegregated.

After he completed his high school and middle school years, my grandfather attended a school in Russia. He then moved to the United States and attended a school in the U.S. My grandfather is of a darker skin tone as I said, so he has realized that people of color do not get as many opportunities as Caucasian people in this country. This is why I chose to interview him about my topic, the disadvantages of people of color. My grandfather also has dark eyes and white hair. (Don't tell him I said that.) My grandpa is a very kind man who is very articulate and always knows what to say. For this reason, my interview went really smoothly. My interview was not tense at all because I know my grandpa so well. I personally think this interview went very well, and that you will enjoy it.