John Allen McLaughlin II

As Interviewed by Ethan McLaughlin, March 15, 2019
"Color of their skin should never have anything to do about what a person really is. "
John Allen McLaughlin II

Introductory Profile: About John Allen McLaughlin III

My interviewee is John Allen McLaughlin the 2nd. He is my grandfather from my dad’s side of the family. So, I have known my interviewee for as long as I can remember. John McLaughlin is half Italian half Irish. He settled in a small city named Corpus Christi and had four children. My grandpa is 6'3" and age 74 with a full head of hair, a gray mustache, and big glasses.

I chose to interview my grandpa about segregation because he grew up in a time when segregation was common. Another reason is because his mother was made fun of because of her racial background and inability to speak fluent english. I learned when I was interviewing my interviewee that segregation really affected him and the way he lived. John Allen Mclaughlin found segregation very heartbreaking and sad.