Joan N.

As Interviewed by Brian M., March 16, 2019
"It was shocking, but not too shocking..."
Joan N.

Introductory Profile: About Joan N.

The person I interviewed for my project was Joan N. I know her because she is my grandmother. She is 83 and lives in Connecticut. She is funny and resilient, and was 33 years old when the shooting occurred. She had 5 children, and her husband was a Navy Master Chief. As a result, she moved around a lot all throughout her life, and was in a suburb of Memphis at the time of the shooting of Martin Luther King, Jr.

The topic I covered was the effect of MLK, Jr’s shooting on the Civil Rights Movement, and on the world. I chose her because she was at practically ground zero when it happened, and if it affected anyone, it would have been her.

The interview went quite well. Because I knew her and had talked a little beforehand, I was able to smoothly transition into the interview. Her humour and little jokes and comments helped grease the wheels, so to speak, and allowed us to be more free and natural when talking, which led to a very fruitful talk with lots of good material.