Esteban Armenta

As interviewed by Hector Armenta, March 23, 2019
"It can be very easy for these people in higher power to say something that becomes offensive based on what you look like."
Esteban Armenta

Introductory Profile: About Esteban Armenta

My interviewee’s name is Esteban Armenta. He is currently 22 years old and he studies Architecture in Texas A&M University. Esteban is my brother so when I chose my topic, I picked him to be my interviewee because my sister had already done my other brother, Oscar Armenta. My brother is usually silly at random times. I even have videos of him when he’s dancing to songs that he puts on the radio. When it comes to school though he is really strict when I have low grades in any of my classes he makes serious conversation with me.

I was asking questions to him about the Chicano movement, so he told me about his current life in college. He told me about when he was in the core of the cadets and the leader would sometimes slip call him some rude names. We talked about how to control yourself and that people should be careful about what they say because it can be harmful sometimes. The vibe the interview was giving me was not that bad, I just felt a little nervous because I had never done an interview before. The overall experience was great. I just felt relieved after I had finished the interview.