Don Grant

As interviewed by Liesl Geiger, March 10, 2019
"There’s a term in the Bible where God refers to what we do as dead works, as doing things good for people, but then God says, ‘There’s no one good.’ So when you do things without the correct motivation, there’s the implication that it’s void. As I said, whatever good is happening in our country or in the world is still being inspired by God...regardless of what one’s background is."
Don Grant

Introductory Profile: About Don Grant

Don Grant is a kind, cheery African-American man who grew up in Jacksonville, Florida. He’s the kind of person who makes friends with everyone and knows how to make anyone feel at home. He goes to my church and is the founder and director of an organization called Regeneration House, a Christian non-profit residential program. He works with people who have been to prison or struggle with drug/alcohol-related issues, and creates life-long relationships with each person. When he’s not working with Regeneration House, he travels around Texas selling hats at fairs and carnivals.

My interview with him took place after church in a small, cozy office at the back of the nursery. The interview lasted over twenty minutes, and I spoke to him about Regeneration House and what his experiences with the organization were. We covered many topics, like why Mr. Grant started working to help his clients and how he views the racial biases that play into his work. He provided insight on why he thinks the drug/alcohol situation is the way it is today, and I am very thankful for having the opportunity to speak with him.