Lansford Trapp

As interviewed by Robin Little, March 25, 2018
"So, I looked out, my wing was on fire...but I lost control of the airplane."
Lansford Trapp

Introductory Profile: About Lansford E. Trapp In his own words

I interviewed Lansford Trapp. He was a three star general for the airforce, who served all over the globe. Him, his father, and four other brothers were all members of the US military. Lanny in particular was the oldest of his brothers and chose to join the military because of his father. He joined in 1969 starting as a fighter pilot, going through intensive training. Then he started his path to becoming a general.

Lansford struggled at times being away from his family. It could be months before he was able to visit his daughter Bethany. In this interview he will talk about his family’s struggles and the pressures on his wife and daughter every time they were forced to move. You will also hear one of his craziest war stories where he earned the wounded in combat medal, the medal Lansford is most proud of. But, most of all you will learn about what it was like for Lansford to be a general and the responsibilities he held while serving.