Harold "Bud" Allison

As interviewed by Sage Allison, March 21, 2019
"You didn't set your schedule, the battle set your schedule."

Introductory Profile: About Harold Allison

Leaving everything he ever knew behind and sacrificing his potential athletic career, my grandfather Harold “Bud” Allison left for Vietnam. He felt an obligation both to his country and to his father, who lost his life in World War 2. Bud was well aware of the risks, but nonetheless he served for America as an Air Force pilot. The Vietnam terrain was ruthless, the climate was unbearable, and the opposing side’s tactics were savage. Serving in this war took bravery and selflessness.
The Vietnam War was caused by a spread of communism in North Vietnam and a resisting party, the South. America was allied with Vietnam and fought for the South. Millions of Americans died in the war and many more permanently scarred, mentally and physically.
Without severe or permanent injury, Bud Allison safely returned home. His story along with many others is a reminder of the Vietnam War. Less than 50 years later, he told me about his experiences.