Ruby Bline

As interviewed by Julian Felix, March 24, 2019
"At that time, you grew all kinds of vegetables in the garden because you couldn't afford groceries."
Ruby Bline

Introductory Profile: About Ruby Bline

My interview subject is Ruby Bline, an 85 year old woman who I am proud to call my grandmother. She is white, and has poofy white hair, and is about 5’2” in height. she is very sweet, and to be honest, spoils me rotten, but can be quite assertive when she wants to. From my mother, I had heard stories about how my grandmother grew up during the Depression, living with no heating except wood stoves. Living in a house with a dirt floor, and not having enough money. My grandmother, at the age of 13, started folding statements for the Thomasville, Louisiana bank, but later started working for the local Bedsoles department store.
In my interview, my grandmother and I went over her living conditions as a child, first job, friends, what she did for fun, where she lived, and more. She had so much to say about your experience with the Great Depression. I was surprised at her memory, she's 85 after all! My grandmother had a cheery voice of tone during the interview, but sometimes she rambled a little bit. At times, when I asked certain questions, she didn't want to answer, and I think she might have been a little mad at me. One of these questions was that about her experience with segregation in the South, and she said, quote, “I don't want to get into that conversation.”Some people can be a bit touchy about those sorts of questions, and I don't blame them. It's like walking on thin ice, you never know what might be misinterpreted.
Overall, I think my interview with my grandmother was pretty successful, and I got lots of good data out of it. My grandmother, after the interview, even told me how much she liked spending that time with me over the phone.