Emiliana Lapina

As interviewed by Marcus Lapina, March 20, 2019
"They justified these acts as ways to maintain peace and order. Truth is, many people were terrified of them. "
Emiliana Lapina

Introductory Profile: About Emiliana Lapina

Emiliana Lapina, my grandmother, was 22 to 42 years old when the tenth president of the Philippines, Ferdinand Edralin Marcos, was in power. She was under over twenty years of suffering under the dictatorial rule of Marcos. Marcos placed the Philippines under martial law as an excuse for getting money and power. She, her family, and many Filipinos were not happy about the government, but the government didn’t care. She, along with many other Filipinos, kept on fighting for independence from the radical president.

Eventually, Marcos lifted martial law, but he and his family were still taking the citizens’ money. He used multiple gimmicks to trick the people into thinking that he was helping the country. Emiliana would not fall for Marcos’ fake tricks to fool the people of the Philippines.