Enrique Hazel

As interviewed by Adrian Popps, March 24, 2019
"We would have guests come over and we would say you can’t come out."
Enrique Hazel

Introductory Profile: About Enrique Hazel

Enrique Hazel is an Afro-Caribbean who owns a successful physical therapy clinic in Austin Texas. Enrique grew up in St. Croix, a territory in the US virgin islands. His mom immigrated to St. Croix undocumented and his dad immigrated there as a documented citizen. So when he was born Enrique was a documented US citizen. His parents moved to St.Croix because the economy in the Caribbean was down and there was no chance to have a better life without immigrating.

This interview is about Enrique’s experience of immigration, how it changed who he is, and how he helps support it now.