Sandy Wicken

As interviewed by Brandon W., April 23, 2019
"It was a young, blond, white woman who ... was nicer to the kids who didn't look really Hispanic."
Sandy Wicken

Introductory Profile: About Sandy Wicken

My mother, Sandy Wicken is of Latino and Native American descent, and lived in the San Fernando Valley, CA during her childhood. She moved to Austin, TX in 2007, where she continues to live. She has tan skin, is 5’3 ½ ft tall, and has a round body shape.She is kindhearted and caring for her two children.

In the interview, we go over what it was like to deal with discrimination as a woman, as well as a Latino american growing up in the late 60’s and the 70’s. The interview doesn't carry a light tone, especially when describing acts of hate and violence against her due to her heritage.