Mary E. Paxton

As interviewed by Wendy Geng, March 9, 2019
""I was just shocked out of my mind about the housing for the people that were living there.""
Mary E. Paxton

Introductory Profile: About Mary E. Paxton

Mary E. Paxton is a born Texan. She moved across Texas, from San Antonio to Austin, where she currently resides. I know her because she and her husband live right next to me, and we cross paths very often. She is about 5’5”, and is 82. She was valedictorian in high school and loves math. From my experience, she is very soft-spoken and loves her family very much. After so many years of teaching math, she is retired and peacefully enjoys her life.

During this interview, there were many topics covered that happened in the 1900s. However, this interview focused on one specific topic: the living states of people of different ethnicities and races. We go over her experiences in this era of history, and what she thought when she had those experiences.