Adam and Jessica Santos

As Interviewed by Graeme M., March 27, 2019
"That they get attention because of their race, not necessarily because of achievement or intellect, or anything that they caused, it’s just the fact they’re a darker shade of brown than their classmates. He didn’t want us to learn Spanish for that reason or you might get bullied like he was."
Adam and Jessica Santos

Introductory Profile: About Adam and Jessica Santos

Adam and Jessica Santos are a biracial family that are close family friends from church. They have three daughters, two of whom are biracial and one is Caucasian. Adam works at a middle school teaching math, while Jessica is a volunteer coordinator for a local hospice. Adam is also a cross country runner, who enjoys long distance runs and stays in shape. Despite that being an athlete, he’s often seen in formal clothes while Jessica dresses casually with a very relaxed manner.

The topic that is being discussed is racial biases and treatment of biracial families. Jessica feels that her two biracial daughters are being paid extra attention when their school is showing how they have a diverse student population. Adam laments that his father did not teach his children Spanish, his native language because Adam’s dad was bullied during his school years for speaking Spanish and having brown skin. The reason I chose to interview Adam and Jessica Santos is because they’re kind people who do their best to help others in our community.