Ilan Levin

As Interviewed by Cassidy Levin, March 24, 2019
"Everyone I knew was aware that it was wrong to have a system of government, like the haves and the have nots were based on the color of your skin."
Ilan Levin

Introductory Profile: About Ilan Levin

Ilan Levin is the interviewer, Cassidy Levin’s, father. He was born in Cape Town, South Africa in 1968. He lived there until he was 9 years-old, when he moved to Houston Texas. Ilan currently lives in Austin with his wife, Kelly Haragan, and his daughter. He works as an environmental lawyer for a non-profit law firm.

Ilan discusses friend’s feelings on apartheid, how his family ended up in Cape Town, his grandfather’s experience moving to South Africa, and why immigrants moved to South Africa.