Elbert Johnson

As Interviewed by Niaya Johnson, March 10, 2019
"All people need go where they qualify or want to go. I think that education should be free. Period. To hear that people kill innocent kids, was uncalled for."
Elbert Johnson

Introductory Profile: About Elbert Johnson

In this interview, Elbert Johnson will put what he experienced from school integration into his own words. Education was very important to Elbert and he wouldn't let anyone take that away from him over some foolish opinion. Even though he wasn't alive at the time when school integration first took place, he was born at a time where he could share his own experiences and compare it to school systems in this day and age. This isn't a downcast or a rejoicing interview, but a calm one without many hard feeling stuck on his mind or through the way he speaks.

My grandfather, Elbert Johnson, grew up in Atlanta Georgia in the 1950s with a loving family that included a mother, father, a brother, and two sisters. Out of everyone in his household, he was the youngest and got advice and tips from his older siblings on how to proceed through school. He grew up to be a tall and somewhat fragile man with tough mindset that is hard to change. He is a very loving man and loves to see me succeed throughout life.