Duke R. Bischoff

As Interviewed by Anthony Carlos, March 4, 2019
"Upon arriving in Vietnam, it kinda caught up like with everyone else. We couldn't believe what was happening over there."
Duke R. Bischoff

Introductory Profile: About Duke R. Bischoff

Duke R. Bischoff was born in 1948. He had twelve siblings and lived in a large Catholic family. In 1967, at nineteen years old, he went into the Marine Corps.

Currently he is 71. I know Duke because he is my neighbor. I’ve known him my whole life. He is very tall, and has long silver hair that goes down to his shoulders. He stands very straight, as you would while receiving an award. He has a rough voice, but he is very kind. He works on cars as a hobby, and I would say he is a very good person.

During our interview, he was very clear in his answers. I was delighted to hear that he would love to talk about Vietnam. I would’ve thought a veterans from such a horrific war wouldn’t. While we were talking, I got a more in depth understanding of what Vietnam was like. Can you imagine not knowing who to trust or wondering if you can trust anybody? That’s what it was like for veterans during the war.