Jordan Press

As Interviewed by Milla Press, April 29, 2019
"They told me to bite the curb and that they were going to curb stop me, which is kicking the back of my head."
Jordan Press

Introductory Profile: About Jordan Press

Being born into a Jewish family, Jordan Press has had to deal with anti-Semitism his entire life. Growing up in San Antonio, he didn’t have very many heated encounters, but all of that changed when he went to college. I had a chance to interview my uncle about his experiences with anti-Jewish people. I learned so much information, like how people can do terrible things out of fear or spite, and how some people may not like my religion but I should still stick with it. We discussed what influenced him as a child, how he has had some confrontations because of being Jewish, and even how he had violent anti-Semitic encounters.

Now Jordan is now 30 years-old and lives in Los Angeles with his wife and his Rhodesian Ridgeback, Captain. California is a very different living environment from Texas or Indiana; so much so that when Jordan tells people there about the traumatic experience, many people don’t even believe him. Jordan has a Bachelor's degree from the University of Indiana in marketing and now works in advertising for Wattpad. He still struggles with people not accepting his religion but has not had any major occurrences in years. Before talking to my uncle I didn’t realize how dire a topic this is, and I wasn’t very interested. After doing this interview, I better understand how important it is to be accepting of everyone and to treat everyone fairly and with respect.