As Interviewed by L.A. Jones, April 14 2019
"Some people see black people as intimidating."

Introductory Profile: Constance

This is about Constance, my mother. Constance has experienced a lot of social injustices growing up as a black individual. The reason is that our country of the United States has a very racist pass and continues to have recurring racist things happening. Whether it be law enforcement or just random people of the street you’ve never seen. Constance grew up in Austin. Being a black individual she was taught to just follow what law enforcement says or something bad might happen to you.

The topics included social injustices and racist police officers that think a certain tone of skin will harm you or act different from other people. The feelings I witnessed from my interviewee were of frustration at the moment and a kind of sadness -- because of the fact that this country is still in this stage of racism. My interviewee is a very strong woman who just wants to be in this country and not have to fear for her life if she gets stopped by law enforcement.

In conclusion the racial things and injustice have to stop in order for the United States as country to actually come together. So we need to really believe in their is no race it’s just a made up thing.