John Emerson

As Interviewed by Andrew Brotherton, March 13, 2019
"If we could have done it over again, then we wouldn't have done it."
John Emerson

Introductory Profile: About John Emerson

My interviewee is my grandpa, John Emerson. He six-feet tall and 72 years-old. He went to Vietnam and worked as an engineer in the Ordnance Corps. He ran a “supply dump” where he kept track of a bunch of parts for fixing war equipment like tanks, guns, and planes. He worked as a project engineer in heavy industrial construction for all his life until he retired. He studied Civil Engineering at the University of Maryland.

The Vietnam War started when he was in high school and he heard about it because some of his friends and acquaintances started to get drafted to go into the Army, and some of them were going to Vietnam.

He briefly Explains what the war was like people's thoughts about it and that, in the end, the war never should have been fought, but that you have to listen to what your government says.