Hernan Jaramillo

As Interviewed by Andrea Jaramillo, March 14, 2019
"I chilled with other brown kids because I was brown, too."
Hernan Jaramillo

Introductory Profile: About Hernan Jaramillo

Hernan Jaramillo was my interviewee for this project. I know Hernan Jaramillo because we are siblings and I lived under the same roof for about 10 years before he left. Hernan Jaramillo is a resident in the United States, meaning that he has a Green Card and has permission to be in the United States. Hernan Jaramillo was brought as a little kid at the age of six months to the United States by his parents. His parents were from Mexico and so was he, but his parents decided to give him a better future so they moved to the United States: Austin, Texas. For the past 28 years, Nan has been living here in Austin, but hasn’t become a citizen even though he started school at a very young age.

During the podcast he seemed very calm -- he didn’t show any nervous facial expressions when we were talking throughout the interview. He seemed really engaged in the conversation and the questions I was asking, and he seemed very honest to his answer and response. There’s one time in the podcast where he said that he had no idea about that topic, and I was surprised he couldn’t respond to my question. The overall tone/feeling towards the interview was very honest and thoughtful.