Lorena G.

As Interviewed by Curtis Lear, March 23, 2019
"Even though the Civil Rights Movement was a while ago, we still need to keep progressing."
Lorena G.

Introductory Profile: About Lorena G.

Lorena is an immigrant from Dominican Republic and raised in the United States. She attended public schooling from first grade through high school. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in English Communication from Emmanuel College and her Master of Arts in English from Middlebury College’s Bread Loaf School of English. She is an advocate for the practice of a culturally sustaining pedagogical approach in education.

Lorena has been in the field of education, working in various settings, since 2001. Her extensive experience in a myriad of settings ranging from extra curricular youth work to community spaces to the traditional classroom, equips her to offer sound advice as to strong teaching practices. Lorena has held educational leadership positions at the department level, school-wide level, and in the larger district level from designing curriculum to strategizing for improvement. She is the incoming chair of the National Council of English Teacher’s Committee Against Racism and Bias in the Teaching of English and she’s a co-founder of #DisruptTexts. Currently, she teaches at Headwaters School in Austin, TX.