Parvizi Parvizi

As Interviewed by Selin Y., March 20, 2019
"The told me 'You dumb-dumb -- Have your wife make a call.'"
Parvizi Parvizi

Introductory Profile: Introduction to Parviz Parvizi

For this project,I interviewed my grandfather, Parviz Parvizi. He grew up in Iran, which is on the other side of the world and moved here in 1969 for schooling purposes. I decided to interview him because he immigrated here at a young-ish age and at a time where many people were discriminated against and where white supremacy was pretty common. Although discrimination hasn't gone away completely, it had more of an impact back then. Going in,I wasn’t sure what to ask, so I pre interviewed my mom and grandma, knowing they would give me a sense in what to look for in an end product.

Parviz is one of ten children. He was the first of his family to come here, and not too long after, his brother followed. He began working at a place called Blackstones, which sold formal clothing. He was a janitor for them and didn’t have much interaction with the customers. Then, one day he got promoted to a salesman. Soon, people found him to be really good at what he was doing. When Blackstones closed, Parviz took over and made it his own. It soon became successful. He is currently working there with his brother as it continues to be successful.

Even through all of his struggles he still pulled through. And that’s one thing I love about him, that even through everything he kept a smile on his face and pushed through. He created a life he loves, with people he loves, and a job he enjoys working at. He went from alone and starting from scratch to happy and surrounded by family.