Leslie Brown*

As Interviewed by Sasha Konradi, March 23, 2019
"I think that people that speak two different languages and know two different cultures understand other people better."
Leslie Brown*

Introductory Profile: About Leslie Brown*

I interviewed my aunt, Leslie Brown,* a bilingual first grade teacher, regarding the issues related to immigrant children and non-English speakers that attend her school. She spoke with great confidence in her answers and revealed a type of wisdom that comes only from years of experience and contemplation.

Immigrants and non-English speakers are a serious issue when it comes to education, because there are very few opportunities for them. Bilingual schools are a great option for non-English speakers, because it allows the students to learn English and American culture, and at the same time keep up their own language. Unfortunately, there is a lack of both bilingual teachers and schools so many students can get left behind without access to teaching in their native language. The overall interview started out a little stressful but got easier and less tense by the end of it. I learned many new things and got the chance to look deeper at this issue from a different person's perspective.

*Name changed at the interviewee's request.