James Crowley

As interviewed by Seth crowley, March 23, 2019

James Crowley: In His Own Words

When I was in the air force serving in Vietnam I was in a communication squadrette for the air force. We had a cable that went from Vietnam to the Philippines and we had two other cables that went to two other places in vietnam. My job was to take care of the equipment that put the signal out onto the cables. The scariest moment in Vietnam was when we were trying to fix the cable because the army decided to build something on the beach. So they had a guy down there with a bulldozer digging a trench or clearing a bowl for what they were going to construct and he broke our cable. So we had to go down there and fix it. We were working all day and all night and while there at night the Vietnamese fishermen that had fished in the bay there use to go out in there fishing boats and light lanterns which supposedly attracted the fish. We saw all these boats going out with the lanterns and all of the sudden the lanterns went out and the people on the boats started shooting at us. So we had to dive down in the hole where we were fixing are cable and get under cover till the air force and army sent people out to get the boats to clear the area. Because I was a NCO I was allowed or actually they didn't have enough room on the base so that rank and above stayed in a hotel room near the base. And every morning a bus would come around and pick you up and take you out to the base. And one morning I overslept and missed the bus and that was the day some guy came along when the bus was stopping to pick someone up and threw a grenade in through the bus door and killed a bunch of the people that were on the bus. However since I overslept I was lucky enough I didn't die.